Honestly, and I’m not even close to exaggerating here, wardrobe is really not that crazy important for the way that I shoot. Please, please, please don’t stress out over wardrobe. Don’t feel the need to run out and buy all new things. I can do a completely versatile and awesome shoot with a single scarf, or the sheets, or a sweater. Truly. Don’t stress about it.

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Here are some wardrobe tips to calm your nerves and help you decide what to bring:

The number one wardrobe rule is:

Do not bring outfits that you don’t love! I can’t tell you how many women show up with outfits that prompt them to say, “I really don’t like the way I look in this one, but I’ll leave it up to you!”. If you don’t like the outfit, it’s likely that you won’t like photos of you in the outfit. Leave it at home.

Lingerie is not a must for boudoir:

Don’t be afraid to get creative! For a boudoir style shoot, a garter belt and thigh high fishnets would go great with a cropped sweater or graphic tee. A gorgeous bra can be paired with a long flowing skirt. Your favorite tank top can be paired with no pants. A sheet can be used for everything. Your 20 year old favorite tee shirt paired with cheeky bottoms will get the job done just perfectly. This is about you and your authentic personality, not abou tbeing someone you aren’t.

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For beauty or portrait:

Structured and/or statement pieces work amazing. Your favorite blazer or jacket, a cocktail dress with an interseting neckline, or just a bodysuit and jeans… We want you to look and feel like yourself (just on your bestday). When in doubt, just bring in someo f your favorite wardrove items and let me style them for you. It’s part of the service and I’m happy to do it.

Avoid busy little patterns and neon colors. They are often harsh on-camera and a bit unflattering so try to avoid them.

If wearing thigh-highs, buy them 1-2 sizes too big according to the size chart on the back. Buying them in a size that supposedly “fits” according to the package size chart will likely result in the stockings giving a bit of thigh muffin top 😉 We can get them to stay up for each “pose”, or you can wear a garter belt to keep them from slipping.


Avoid Props. Unless it’s your second shoot with us, or unless you’re super crazy confident and comfortable! Props and uncertainty go together like…like…awkward school portraits. 😉

Have yourself properly fitted for lingerie if you will be wearing it for your session. I recommend going to a local lingerie boutique to have yourself properly fitted. If you’re interested in online ordering, True & Co. has a really amazingly helpful website and quiz that will help you to determine what styles and sizes work best for you. https://trueandco.com/quiz/intro

Try to incorporate a variety of pieces into your wardrobe selections. Having 5 different bra and panty sets won’t allow for a whole lot of variety in your photos. Rather, have something formal, something casual, something super textured and fun, something more modest, to something black and sleek…you get the idea.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated… in fact, we welcome simplicity! We love to work with pretty scarves, sheets, white button down shirts, jackets and coats, or anything you love.

Pressed and Pretty Make sure your wardrove selections aren’t wrinkled, and cut all the tags off of your sheer items before arriving.

Consider Artistic Nudes For a super sexy, low maintenance, and FREE wardrobe option!

No matter what you choose to bring, our promise is that you will have an absolute crush on yourself!

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